Word of Mouth, 2011

KERNEL [Petros Moris, Pegy Zali, Theodoros Giannakis]

For the curatorial project Word of Mouth in the 3rd Athens Biennale 2011, KERNEL invited a group of art collectives and artists whose creative practices respond, in various ways, to the contemporary terms of production, distribution and experience of the cultural product.

Reflecting on the current socioeconomic and cultural condition, Word of Mouth suggests the idea of a new “oral culture” of the network age that brought about original modes of cultural and political operation. Word of Mouth investigates these processes of distribution of the creative gesture, the more situational processes of knowledge production and the formation of hybrid communities.

Word of Mouth combines a programme of online-based projects, live events and installations that are being produced through a network of collaborations and presented during the 3rd Athens Biennale.

Participants and projects:

Aristide Antonas, Badlands Unlimited presenting Phaedrus Pron by Paul Chan, Yota Ioannidou & Teresa Diaz Nerio, Oliver Laric, LuckyPDF, Metahaven, Angelo Plessas, Phrixos, Tank.tv, Floater Magazine, THE PUBLIC SCHOOL in Athens