The Public School in Athens, 2011

THE PUBLIC SCHOOL (TPS) is an alternative and independent educational project that was initiated by Telic Arts Exchange in 2008. Starting from Los Angeles, TPS has founded permanent, or more temporal, local ‘schools’ in various American and European cities, having gradually evolved into a global education network. In collaboration with TPS founders, KERNEL organized a period of experimental activity towards the Athenian version of THE PUBLIC SCHOOL.

Operating within the context of a wider topical dialogue for the future of the education system in Greece and in Europe in general, THE PUBLIC SCHOOL in Athens started its activity through a hybrid programme of pre-determined and more spontaneous classes. For that reason, KERNEL invited every potential ‘student’ and ‘teacher’ of this initial period of THE PUBLIC SCHOOL in Athens to propose classes that they would like to be taught, or teach. This temporal and destabilized ‘curriculum’ was characterized by an attempt to develop theoretical and practical tools for the understanding and management of the contemporary cultural and socioeconomic condition.

Series of classes and presentations have been realized by Ben Vickers, Georgios Papadopoulos, The Liverpool Fine Art Mobile Art School, Maria Sarri, MirrorMachine and Platon Issaias.