Index of Potential, 2011

KERNEL [Petros Moris, Pegy Zali, Theodoros Giannakis]

The Index of Potential is an open, online collection of texts that function as theoretical or practical tools, related to ways of distribution, access and management of information of any kind, as a cultural product. Anyone can access the information and contribute.

The Index is part of KERNEL’s wider research on contemporary practices of knowledge and information production and distribution, leading to the development of the idea of a restored and reconfigured ‘oral culture’ brought about through the proliferation of digital media and network communications.

On the occasion of the presentation of the Index of Potential at XYZ Outlet, KERNEL have invited a network of the Index’s contributors to submit new content that will be printed as a specially designed poster and handout. Using the added content either as source material or as inspiration, KERNEL will also present a video work. The video constitutes an abstract, hour-long narrative structure around the idea of the “economy of creativity”. Functioning as another possible information distribution channel, the video explores the structure of dispersion through storytelling