Enclosures (First Attempt), 2014

KERNEL [Petros Moris, Pegy Zali, Theodoros Giannakis]

V4ULT, Berlin

13 December 2014 — 08 January 2015

The thick darkness inside the stone hill was violently disrupted by the flashlight beams. Their perfectly concentrated light was slicing the humid air towards every possible direction. As the light was landing on the bulky stack, it fleetingly constructed the forms and surfaces of the roughly assembled objects. With its metallic load wrapping it tightly, the big wooden coil is being installed strenuously over the iron rails. The edges of its wheels are worn and torn by the harsh rocks and the red soil of the slope. Its volume barely managed to get through the violated rusty mesh of the steel cage that separated the slope from the tunnel’s entrance.

Casings of fluorescent lights are ripped off from the stainless trays that were installed along the tunnel. Rocks that were transferred from the foothills of the slope and wooden planks are stacked together with the uprooted casings and their destroyed lamps over the coil.

Each time that a beam hit the copper spiral, the warm light of the sharp reflections colored the crushed stone with which the ground of the tunnel was paved.

Intervention#1: Neil Beloufa, The Analyst, the researcher, the screenwriter, the CGI tech and the lawyer

Intervention#2: Helga Wretman & Felix Mathias Ott, Window Leaks